While there’s certainly a place for DIY website builders, we know not everyone has the time, patience or know-how to put all the elements together that make a well-integrated and responsive site. We can handle the domain and hosting purchase, design, plugins, build, launch and provide support and maintenance. Having done this for years, we know which language to use, and understand the strengths and limitations of our tools.

We’re locally situated, and make our websites in the studio, so you know where your money is going.

We empathise with the requirements of small businesses, and have learned to trim our process and overheads to keep prices as reasonable as possible. We know not everyone needs the services of inner-city agencies, with corresponding overheads and steep price tags. We suggest only the features and components you need, and are frank with our advice on elements that could blow your budget.

We use a nifty questionnaire to keep us on track and document your requirements. Once we establish what you need, we provide you with an exact quote, and will request a deposit. Then it’s onto the design stage, which we’ll run past you for feedback prior to creation of the site. Once built, we’ll consult with you for a final edit pass and incorporate your feedback before sending it live.

Of course, your site will be checked for cross-browser compatibility to work in the latest versions of major browsers IE/Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera. As not all browsers support all fonts and designs, we will find suitable fonts and assets to use in those cases. We also test your site on windows and mac systems for functionality and interface layout. If you require hearing aid assistance or other support, just let us know.

In short, yes. We use responsive design, meaning your site will scale and adjust to fit the device. You can test our site to see how elements adjust or transform to fit the new scale.

While it depends on your project, the following outlines a typical build:

  • You describe what you need, and complete a questionnaire so we can get to know your business and the requirements of your project.
  • We provide you with an exact quote and contract, and request a 50% deposit so we can get started.
  • You provide your logo, copy and any images you want included.
  • We send you draft designs of the site, including any requested custom artwork (such as a logo or banner designs). The design is edited and approved before we commence creation of the site.
  • We create your site to the approved design specifications.
  • You send us final edit feedback for us to incorporate into the site.
  • We make sure it works across all common browsers and platforms; for tablet, mobile and desktop.
  • We launch your site through the chosen domain.
  • We keep your site maintained for the agreed period. You can choose to hire us for ongoing maintenance, or take the reigns yourself.

You can also call on us for content and functionality updates, revisions or further work at any time, where we charge an hourly rate of $90, or a daily rate of $600.

Not a worry, we can design one for you. From something as simple as your name in clear, suitable font, or a clean vector illustration, right up to a cartoon mascot or caricature. Logos average between $100-$500, depending on style and number of revisions. Logos are an important element to your site, and though we can design a site without one, this is one asset we strongly recommend.

We can source them for you. We’re subscribed to several stock photo and artwork sites, and have accumulated a diverse range of sources. We can also create custom graphic design and illustrations, simply let us know what you have in mind during the design phase.

Of course, simply provide your account details and we can use your existing hosting and domain name.

We strive to have the draft design out to you within 6-8 working days. The website build may take up to a month, and does depend on how promptly we receive your content and feedback. Simple landing pages and template sites have a faster turnaround.

Yes, the packages serve as a guide, since typically the needs of each client are different. We can add or switch components from the package, and if you’d like changes down the track, we can do that too. Contact us if you’d like to talk about your options.

Yes, though it is included in our initial quote. Should any unforeseen exceptions arise, say for example if you request purchasing a plugin or tool from an external provider, we would inform you prior to purchase.

This covers the upkeep of your site, such as the regular plugin updates (without which your site can be vulnerable, or components may cease to function properly), as well as technical support and hosting/domain renewals.

This does not cover design or content changes and additions, such as;

  • Content changes and uploads after site goes live
  • Logo design
  • Further domain purchase and renewal
  • Stock media purchased by us on your behalf
  • Different page layouts, or fundamental design changes, after the initial design has been approved by the client
  • Functionality beyond html/css (i.e. php, JS, database, etc).
  • Removing ‘made by Little Castle’ from your footer
  • Additional components and features

We charge an hourly rate of $90, or daily rate of $600, for revisions or additional work after the site has gone live.

Still have questions?

Contact us with any queries, big or small, and we’ll address them to the best of our ability. We always confirm exactly what you need before starting a project, and can set up a time to meet by phone, virtually or locally.

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