Live-edge Grevillea Robusta Bowl – Suis generis


A one-off wooden bowl, turned from Grevillea robusta, otherwise known as Silky Oak.

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22cm wide, 16.5cm tall, and roughly 2.5cm thick, this Silky Oak piece was turned while green from lumber we cut ourselves from a tree fallen in storm, and left to season. The sapwood has been kept along its rim, lending it an asymetrical design, and two splits that arose during its drying stage have been repaired with silky oak sawdust.

The piece is hand-turned in our small workshop in Deception Bay, Moreton Bay, oiled with Australian natural mineral oil, and buffed with our own Wood Butter conditioner. Like all our larger pieces, it features a small brand at base, and comes with a "Fancy Firewood" tag, and a "Caring for your Treenware" pamphlet.

Please note that our artisanal pieces aren't sanded within an inch of their lives, and often retain small marks from chisels, and other imperfections that give them their idiosyncratic characteristics. We think these add to their charm, and we hope you do too. Our pieces are all oiled and waxed, and not varnished.

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