Sauerkraut Rolling Pins


A rolling pin that’s also suited to pounding Sauerkraut, and similar meals.

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Approx. 32cm long and 4cm wide, these cylindrical pins are made from recycled red gum, and were first made to order for a family business that specialises in sauerkraut. These serve equally well as minimalist rolling pins that maximise rolling surface. We can turn longer pins on request, so feel free to reach out to us.

The piece is individually made in our small workshop in Deception Bay, Moreton Bay, oiled with Australian natural mineral oil, and buffed with our own Wood Butter conditioner. The wood is recycled from 50 year-old housing beams, and brings a rustic charm to any kitchen.

Like all our treenware, it comes with a "Fancy Firewood" tag, and a "Caring for your Treenware" pamphlet.

Please note that our artisanal pieces can vary slightly in shape and appearance, as we work around knots and imperfections in the wood we source. Our pieces are all oiled and waxed, and not varnished. We're careful to pick out any that show cracks in the crafting, though wood is a natural material, and flaws can develop over time. If your treenware develops significant defects with reasonable use, please let us know. We pride ourselves on making pieces that last!

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Weight.700 kg
Dimensions40 × 10 × 10 cm

Red Gum, Cypress


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